Let me introduce, our research team:



Jeremy McCormack, PhD student,

With his first class critical mind Jeremy examines strengths and limitations of carbonate geochemistry as hydrological proxy in alkaline lakes. He takes component-specific approach and focuses on mineral, stable light isotope and elemental composition of biogenic and inorganic carbonates. Jeremy’s project aims at improved interpretation of carbonate-based data in the context of climate change.



TillmanTillman Meyer, PhD student,

Natural born caver, and experienced field instructor Tillman was converted to study evolution of alkaline lakes in the lab and under the binocular. He traces geochemical and ecological changes analysing inorganic and biogenic carbonates and microfossil assemblages from eastern Anatolian Lake Van.





AnnabelAnnabel Wolf, MSc student,
Annabel is enthusiastic and skilful lab assistant and the only experimentalist in our team. Her master project encompasses comparison between natural carbonates and these precipitated in the lab under controlled conditions. In other words Annabel tests if the parameters reconstructed from field samples are actually realistic.






Julian Stromann, MSc student,

Julian’s project focuses on validating lacustrine salinity proxies. He tries to understand why in the same setting (Lake Van) different proxies respond with different amplitude to presumably the same forcing. Julian’s passion for music and entertainment during his work makes our lab worth sieving!